Linda Jane



Linda Jane Byrne knows vintage!

From modelling to questionable acting, swing dancing to family history. A Trinity college history graduate, Linda Jane has spent years involved in the archive and genealogy field. After serving her time burying her head in dusty archives and squinting at questionable handwriting, our vintage heroine emerged with an idea to share her love of the past and all things vintage with everyone she met.

Linda Jane has been a swing dancer for the last seven years and could teach you your Suzie Q from your Eagle Slide.



Swing Dancing at Dun Laoghaire. Photo


As a wise person once sang “Tain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it”. That’s the whole philosophy behind Tea Darling?

Linda collected her own vintage pieces from a very early age much to the dismay of her mother…a vintage suitcase without a lock, a light fitting without a room to put it in, an old radio that didn’t work. With love and affection she brought each piece back to life and let me tell you, she has quite a few of them!





Sitting over a hot cup of tea Linda and Stephen’s first dream was to build a travelling vintage tearoom. Two years later and their van now retired, the pair have decided to concentrate on their vast amount of china and other curiosities. After lending some of her collection to friends and families for wedding decor, the time has come to let the other good folk of Ireland have their own little slice of vintage heaven.



Murder in New York 1940s.

Murder in New York 1940s.





Linda continues to dance and model and add to her ever growing collection of all things vintage!