Tea Darling visits the vintage fair at Dún Laoghaire

So we decided to make a day of it and head off in our vintage van to the sunny seaside. The Royal Marine Hotel is the perfect setting and I love a good excuse to order a carvery for dinner.

First things first..Django needed a wash ( the sun really does show these things up ) so off he went for his bath. Django is not exactly waterproof. I should know this but I waited until there were soap suds on my coat before hopping out of the van.


We arrived bright and early and set the van up so people could mingle with Django and have a look inside. We set up some vintage crockery and played some swing music ( which along with the cold, really made me want to dance ). Lots of people were arriving and we met lots of lovely new faces!

A while later I could contain my excitement no longer and decided to go browsing (shopping). I browsed ( shopped) for a little while and met lots of friendly vendors such as the Magpies Nest and Granny’s Attic.

While out shopping we heard there was a best dressed competition on so we decided to jump in and hop up. We won! It pays to have a nice vintage cardigan or two knocking around the house.


After a long day, we fired up the van and drove gently home. I love Sundays :)